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5 Things You Should Know About Insuring Your Boat

Posted By: Marie Park on 2022-06-22

In New York State boat insurance is not required to register a boat with DMV, but it is a good idea to fully protect it. It's especially important if you have a loan from a lender as they typically require you to have boat insurance. Here's a list of the five frequently asked questions that we see all the time here at the Lia Insurance Agency regarding boat insurance!

Boat in Garage
#1. Is my boat covered by my homeowners insurance?
It depends on your specific policy! Some homeowner's insurance policies do offer limited coverage for your boat. Most homeowners policies will provide some liability coverage extended from your home if the boat is under 25ft long and the motor is under 25hp.

Boat with Trailer
#2. Does my boat insurance extend to my boat trailer or will I need an additional policy?
Boat insurance will provide coverage for a trailer. Your agent will need the VIN number from the trailer when writing your policy. Some boat insurance will provide roadside assistance and trailer trip interruption coverage should something happen while you are towing the boat.

People Tubing on Boat
#3. What type of coverage is best for me?
This is a question our agents love here at the Lia Insurance Agency. This allows us the opportunity to really get to know our customer and how they intend to use their boat. Here are some things to consider:

What type of boat do have?
Who will be operating your boat?
What will you be doing with the boat?
Will the boat be at a dock for the season or will you be trailering it each time?
Where will the boat be stored in the off season?
Does the boat have any special equipment like an upgraded stereo or fishing equipment?
Will the boat be used in fresh water, salt water or both?
What accessories will you be using with the boat? Wakeboard, water skies, tubes, kneeboard, ect...?

#4. Is insurance for my boat expensive?
The cost of the policy will depend on the value of the boat you are covering. There are some things you can do to help keep the cost as low as possible:

Bundle your boat policy with your home or auto for a multi policy discount
Take a boating safety course
A clean driving record
Onboard safety equipment/safety features of the boat
Pay your premium in full, many carriers will discount your premium if you do this

Talk with a Lia Insurance Agent. We will shop your policy with our carriers to make sure you are getting the right coverage at the best price.

Boat in Storage
#5. Should I have boat insurance year round even during the winter months?
Yes! Your boat insurance will cover things like weather damage, vandalism and theft, which can happen any time. If you have a loan for your boat, the lender will most likely require year round coverage. Covering your boat year round can also save you money in the long run. Most carriers will offer loyalty discounts and some will offer reduced deductible for claim-free years with them.

Save Time and Money with Lia Insurance
It is always best to discuss your specific situation with your licensed agent. Your agent can go over your specific case and make sure you have the correct coverage to protect your boat, so you can make memories with a peace of mind. Give Lia Insurance Agency a call today and let us help you get the right coverage.

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Marie Park
Manager of Account Management

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