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What You Need to Know About Insuring Your RV

Posted By: Sean Wood on 2022-07-11

Much like Automobiles, in New York all RV owners must have liability coverage. What's liability coverage? We're glad you asked! This coverage helps cover medical costs and legal fees if you are responsible for damaging someone else's property or caused injury to someone else. For RV owners or people looking to purchase an RV, there maybe several question about the type of coverage they need or want. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions!

#1. What is RV insurance and what does RV insurance protect you from?

RV insurance covers different types of motorhomes:

Class A: Heavy duty frames typically a bus or truck that offer plenty of living space.
Class b: Smallest type of RV, usually no longer than 21ft.
Class C: inbetween A/b and known as "mini-motorhomes".

Travel trailers, including conventional and fifth wheel.

Popups and campers.

There are two types of RVs, one that is drivable and one that you tow behind your vehicle. Standard RV insurance protects you from an accident, severe weather damage, fire damage, limited property damage and uninsured motorists. Additional coverage options for protection against water damage, personal injuy, equipment damage, personal effects and pest infestation are available.

However, RV insurance will not protect you against property theft in the RV or tire damage. You can choose from a variety of coverage options to best suit your needs!

#2. Does my homeowners insurance cover my RV if anything happens to it?

It depends, and if it does it's usually very limited in amount. in regards to personal belongings or effects located in the RV, some homeowners insurance policies will cover it, but is subject to your deductible.

#3. What determines full time RV use vs. part time RV use?

Usually full time RVers refers to people who use their RV as a permanent residence. All full time RVers will want insurance coverage that is similar to their homeowners policy as it is their full time residence. Typically insurance companies determine full time use by the number of days it's in use annually. RV use of 150 days or more (approx. 6+ months) is the common "full time" threshold of use determined by most insurance carriers. Typical full time RV coverage includes personal liability, medical payments, and loss assessment.

Part time RVers typically have the option of vacation liability insurance which covers you for injuries or damages that occur on short trips.

#4. Can I get additional insurance coverage for roadside assistance?

Yes, with some carriers you can! Some carriers will allow you to add it onto your policy for additional cost.

#5. What happens if you are in an accident while towing your vehicle with your RV? is that covered under the RV insurance or auto insurance?

Typically, the liability would be covered by the RV policy, whereas the vehicle being towed by the RV and any, damage to the vehicle from the accident, would be covered by your auto policy on the vehicle.

#6. How can I save money on my RV insurance?

Driving History
Defensive Driving Courses
Having no prior claims.
Paid-in-Full annual discounts
Full time vs. part-time RV use

Save Time and Money with Lia insurance!

it is always best to discuss your specific situation with your licensed agent. Your agent can go over your specific case and make sure you have
the correct coverage to protect your RV, so you can make memories with a peace of mind. Give Lia insurance Agency a call today and let us help you
get the right coverage.

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